Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A Lesson Spring Has Taught Me...

Wow...my blog has been left sorely neglected. Between homeschooling, gardening, cleaning and laundry, moving mom to a nursing home, making memories with the kids and my endless photo-documentaries of both the exciting and the mundane, and just the hustle and bustle of life in general, time slips past at a rate so alarming I have to sit back and wonder how I got here. Life refuses to stand still.

But today the kids and I went on an amazing little field trip to a friend's gorgeous alpaca farm. Our moms group thought it was the perfect way to celebrate the year, and it was. The kids got to ride ponies and pet the adorable alpacas, we had a picnic lunch in the shade of the trees on blankets and talked and laughed and took pictures of the kids ice cream coated smiles. We walked aroung the large pond and soaked in a perfect spring day. I found a ladybug and let it tickle my hands and crawl on my little girl's shoulder, much to her delight. Life didn't stand still, but it slowed to a nice leisurely pace for a couple of hours.

Since the farm is located in the middle of wide open spaces, I took the dirt roads with the windows down and greeted the cows as we passed by. I stopped at least a dozen times to snap a photo of the gorgeous scenery I was enveloped in. The vibrant green pastures took my breath away, and the dirt roads winding through the canopies of the wind-rustled trees charmed and romanced me all the way home. I drove barefoot ,as I generally prefer, and thought nothing of stopping in the middle of the road for a particularly captivating Kodak moment. With no one rushing me from behind I could make my own pace and attept to truly absorb how blessed I am and how much I love the country. The change of pace was a thing of beauty that cannot be explained, just as the photos never fully capture the brilliance of the view.

Spring has always had a way of bringing me back to the refreshing art of being present in the moment and reflecting on the beauty of life. I am grateful for the lesson...

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